Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Wisdom of Crowds, by James Surowiecki

I've been a member of Audible for some time now, finding it a more economical alternative to buying audiobooks in my local brick-and-mortar stores. Just the other day, I was riding the Metro in to work and spied an ad for eMusic (an online site that sells both music and audiobooks). I signed up for the 14-day trial period via this link and was given the option to download 25 songs for free during the trial, as well as one audiobook.

Truth be told, the music is from independent labels, and although I can appreciate musicians that don't subject themselves to the McDonaldization of entertainment, I can't find anything remotely worth downloading, even for free.

But, the books portion of the site piqued my interest and wasn't half bad. I chose to download James Surowiecki's The Wisdom of Crowds.

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