Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Salon: The Master, by Colm Toibin

Today I completed The Master, by Colm Toibin. Another reader and friend of mine, Toni, recently lent it to me for my copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love.

I must say, that, because of the sheer volume of decisive prose that one must traverse when reading this novel, I am glad to be finished. It is truly well-written, but I am ready for the next novel adventure.

My friend said that, for her, this book felt very similar to the experience of reading Tolstoy.

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Literary Feline said...

I met Colm Toibin a couple of years ago at a book festival and meant to search out a copy of his book. I admit I forgot all about it until your mention of it here. I will have to add it to my wish list.

Enjoy Eat, Pray, Love. I hope to get to that one sometime this year.