Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Siteseeing: Altered Books, by Dan Waber

I haven't been making time to read for the past two weeks. My schedule became the schedule from hell. By the time I get home every afternoon, I'm ready for a nap, and I can hardly concentrate enough to enjoy a book. I hope to return to my love of reading when I can. I estimate that will be during my vacation to see family in Texas, April 22 to 28, especially during those times I'm on the plane or waiting in the airport. Having that free, unfettered time to devour a book during flights is the best.

Today I came across this project called Altered Books on the web site of creative soul, Dan Waber. The premise of this is a unique way to give new life to old books, reviving them as works of both art and poetry. Being an avid bibliophile for not only the literary value of books, but also the ways they touch my senses of smell and sight -- this really appeals to me.

I hope you enjoy!
-- Jen

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